Online Local Listings: Why they are so important


As outlined in a previous post, Online Local Listing are what potential customer finds when searching for a particular product or service “near me.” Often displaying a business’s name, location, and contact information, these listings — or “local citations” — are found anywhere from social media platforms to apps to online directories and more.  The goal of a business listing is to provide accurate and consistent information about your business to online directories and search engines.

Online Local Search

Shoppers who visit a store, use online search before going in.

Important Online Local Listings Statistics:

  • Over 85% of customers who do a local search visit or call the Business withing one day
  • 0ver 45% of all searches are for local information


  • 60% of google searches are done on a mobile device.
  • 98% of consumers surveyed shop online. That includes browsing, researching, and buying.


  • Approximately 19% of your Google Ranking is determined by Google My Business(GMB) A well Maintained GMB profile gets 5 times more views than an incomplete Profile


  • 66% of your ability to show up in local search is linked to managing your listings and reputation.
Manage Listings and Reputation

Manage Listings and Reputation



Accurate Online Local Listings are a critical way for customers to find you when searching online. Do you have the time to create and maintain the dozens of listing sites containing your information? Inconsistent data makes you less attractive to search engines and can mislead potential customers. Rising Parrot can help you win in this space, with our Local SEO/Listing Synchronization offering,  driving more customers in your direction.  Click here to view a short video on the listing service offered by Rising Parrot and how we can help simplify managing you Online Local Listings.

At Rising Parrot, we have partnered with Marketing Industry experts dedicate to solving the ever-changing online landscape, allowing small to mid sized business thrive.  Please contact us, to see how we can work together and come up with a strategy that fits you unique needs and goals.

I started the Rising Parrot Agency to help local small to mid-sized business owners address the operational challenges associated with the ever-changing digital landscape. Email: Website:

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